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Founded by Reb Wallace in Lake Havasu City, Arizona in January of 2002. 

Our mission is to promote the sport of flying by teaching, instructing, and giving introductory flights in light sport weightshift trikes and fixed wing.  Also as a distributor of North Wing, our goal is to provide our students with the best experience, training and products available.

Reb, our flight instructor, is a sport pilot CFI.  His motto, "Safety First!" 
He has been flying ultralights since 1979 when he purchased his first one, an Eipper fixed wing weight shift.  Since then he has had a strong desire to promote the sport.  Reb has owned and flown several fixed wing ultralights over the years.  Before sport pilot regulations came into effect he was an AFI with USUA.  He also transitioned from flying fixed wing ultralights to trikes because of the characteristics of how they fly, along with the portability of tear down, set up and transporting.

Reb's first encounter with flight was as a helicopter pilot in Vietnam.  He has been passionate about flying ever since.  In addition to his current North Wing Navajo X2 Special SLSA, he also owned an experimental Varieze.  The Varieze is the Rutan design which is the base model for Burt Rutan's Space Ship One.

Whether exposed to the elements in his trike with the wind rushing past his gloves and helmet, or cruising at a mere 150 knots in the more climate controlled Varieze, so long as he's in the sky, he's loving life!  Through the many years of flying experience and knowledge of the sport he is honored to be able to share his knowledge and teach others, giving them the gift of flight.  This would not be possible without God's Will and his wife, Louise, who encourages his dreams to which he gives thanks.

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EAA chapter 681 news update.
Local boy makes good:
Reb Wallace, EAA President 681 president recently ( 2/19/14 / ) upgraded his qualifications for much needed certifications of various types of training that is not always available in this area . (Southwestern United States )Rebel already had many ratings--CFI (certified flight instructor) for WSCL / WSCS / airplane single engine land, and DPE (designated pilot examiner) for sport aircraft. Also SPFIE (sport pilot flight instructor / examiner) for WSCL / WSCS.  Hold on now, He has obtained new ratings described as  DPE / SPFIE   for private pilot WSCL  and DPE / SPFIE for airplane single engine land. Reb received his new certification from FAA examiner Mike Sees, who traveled from Oklahoma City area for Reb's exams. Rebel chose to fly my Just Aircraft Highlander to perform the fixed wing portion of his examination, which is an honor me an my kit built airplane, as I'm sure he had other choices.  Congratulations,  President Rebel Wallace, EAA chapter 681 Lake Havasu City, AZ     from, Ted Sutton       

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